Integrative Diagnosis


Integrative Diagnosis ®

 Integrative Diagnosis® (ID) is a cutting edge educational and certification program for healthcare providers that specialize in diagnosis and conservative treatment of muscle, nerve and joint problems. The benefits of Integrative Diagnosis include:  

  • Complete and accurate diagnosis
  • Use of the most effective treatment methods
  • Faster pain relief


Manual Adhesion Release®

Manual Adhesion Release® (MAR) is the primary treatment for the reduction of adhesion in the ID system. Generating tension directly on adhesion is the most effective way to reduce and eliminate it. MAR is one of the most accurate methods of eliminating soft tissue adhesion. The concept behind MAR is very simple. However, the application requires considerable knowledge and skill. Dr. Lambert and Maggie continue to practice and train every year with some of the best musculo-skeletal providers from around the world to further develop their skills.  


Instrument Adhesion Release® Integrative Diagnosis®

  Using the Integrative Diagnosis® (ID) system we specialize in the treatment of soft tissue injuries, which includes the use of Instrument Adhesion  Release® (IAR).  The IAR tool provides specific treatment; more importantly, it has an edge that is more comfortable for the patient. 

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