Enjoy more of life pain free

Enjoy more of life pain freeEnjoy more of life pain freeEnjoy more of life pain free

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Discover Soft Tissue + Spine is not your standard Grand Rapids chiropractor. Our services go far beyond simple chiropractic adjustments as we focus on breaking down scar tissue (also known as fibrous adhesion) to help reduce pain and inflammation and treat the root causes of your back or joint pain and relieve your movement restrictions. At Discover Soft Tissue + Spine, we are certified in the cutting edge Integrative Diagnosis ® (ID) program that specializes in the diagnosis and conservative treatment of muscle, ligament, joint, and nerve problems caused by fibrous adhesion.

Knowing adhesion, or scar tissue in the muscles is among the most common sources of reduced mobility, pain and weakness, we utilize Manual Adhesion Release ® (MAR) or Instrument Adhesion Release ® (IAR) as primary treatments, as part of the ID system. Treatment includes creating tension directly on adhesion, which is the most effective way to reduce and eliminate it. If you’re experiencing back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, weakness, or limited mobility, contact us to learn how our specific treatment can reverse your symptoms.  

Back Pain

Back Pain

Joint Pain

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common conditions in adult life and one of the leading causes of physician visits. 80% of the adult population will deal with low back pain at some point in their lifetime. The most common cause of back pain and stiffness is fibrous adhesion.

Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Joint Pain

Back Pain

Neck pain is all too common in today's society full of cell phone and computer use. Overuse of the neck muscles with bad posture often leads to the formation of fibrous adhesion in the muscles which is often the cause for decreased flexibility and pain.

Joint Pain

Joint Pain

Joint Pain

Joint Pain

Joint pain in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle is often caused by fibrous adhesion in the muscles.  This is a product of overuse and a lifetime of regular use and abuse on the body.


Our Process

Specializing in Muscles and Joint Solutions


Dr. Eric Lambert, Grand Rapids Chiropractic Physician, and Maggie Zick, Licensed Massage Therapist, are experts at finding and fixing fibrous muscle adhesion, which makes muscles less flexible and weak. We can also identify other issues causing your pain. Even if you have had pain for 6+ months and have seen 3 or more providers, our chiropractic soft tissue techniques and massage therapy practices can help. We provide muscle and joint solutions through non-surgical diagnosis and treatment for your active lifestyle.

1. Consultation

First, we want to determine if you are a good fit for our type of treatment.  

2. Examination

We perform a thorough and complete evaluation of your pain and function.  This allows us to determine what we need to do next to help you through this process.

3. Treatment

Over a series of visits we apply the most effective treatment to help resolve your muscle and joint problems by increasing ranges of motion and improving strength.

4. Resolution

Improving your functional range of motion and increasing your strength, allows the body to heal, thus allowing you to return to more normal activities. This also has the added bonus of slowing the body's degenerative cycle.

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 Discover the Difference at our office and Discover Relief! 

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